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   3 Days ONLY

The Room has partnered with The Virginia Flower and Garden Expo this year for a fun and immersive escape experience. Come by the show January 26 - 28, 2018 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center and play our mini escape game! A 20 min escape adventure for the entire family to enjoy.

 ***PRICE OF $15.00 PER PERSON INCLUDES YOUR ENTRY TICKET TO THE EXPO.  YOU WILL PICK UP YOUR ENTRY TICKET AT WILL CALL WHEN YOU ARRIVE TO THE EXPO THE DAY OF YOUR RESERVATION.  Booking in advance with The Room gives you a very discounted rate for entry to the expo! We advise booking your reservation early!

The secret garden

You stumble upon a secret garden that promises eternal youth. The protectors of the garden are fairies. Once you enter you may not leave until you find the golden key. They have hidden the key so you must play their games to please them. Beware the fairies and their puzzles, solve them fast or will live out eternity in their garden. 

  • Family friendly
  • Max of 6 players per game
  • 20 minutes